Industry Training and Continuing Professional Development

Industry Training and Continuing Professional Development

As part of the review of its education activities, the Society of Cosmetic Scientists’ Education Committee has launched a short survey (13 questions) on its Principles and Practice of Cosmetic Science (PPCS) course, which is recognised by the CPD Scheme of the Royal Society of Chemistry. The Education Committee would like to consider whether the current course content, format, location and price is the best fit for today’s industry and the results of this survey will help give answers to these questions.

No matter what you know or do not know about the SCS Educational activities, the SCS values your opinion.

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Further information about the course…

What is the PPCS?

This week-long course has been running for over 40 years. It has always consisted of a range of lectures and tutorials, covering key topics in cosmetic science, followed by a product development exercise, in which the delegates compete within groups. The exercise is structured to provide a range of tough, ‘real-life’, technical challenges, which are intended to reinforce the key learning points covered in the lectures, as well as to provide a ‘safe environment’ for the delegates to test their teamwork, time management and other interpersonal skills, whilst under considerable competitive pressure.

Who attends the PPCS?

Although a very diverse range of delegates have attended the course, it has traditionally been targeted at scientists and technical personnel, who have been working in the industry and the allied supply and support industries for a few years and are looking to move in to more managerial or supervisory roles, primarily, but not exclusively, in the technical functions. It has also been considered suitable for the more experienced manager, who requires updated information on the technologies associated with the development of personal care products or a speedy immersion into a new field of expertise. However, the course also has relevance to other roles within the industry.

If you would like more details, these can be found on the Society’s website SCS Website

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