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Innovation for Beauty Breakthroughs: From ideas to launch

Updated: Apr 5

The event on the 29th of February 2024, brought together leading

experts in the field of innovation and innovation support. The webinar

highlighted a multitude of considerations, from innovation strategy

development through internal and external ideation, including working

with academia and open innovation, to supporting product and service

creation and development with effective storytelling, intellectual

property rights, and support of R&D via tax relief. The webinar was

designed to provide participants with a holistic introduction and view

of how to foster and sustain innovation in today's complex and

competitive environment. The key topics covered in the webinar can

serve as a roadmap for organisations aiming to strengthen their

innovation capabilities.

Please download the blog below, and click the link to watch the video recording (the password is: Qhu!3rz^).

Innovation in Action Webinar 29th Feb 2024 - Blog
Download PDF • 4.38MB


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