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Introducing our newest members - May 2023

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

New members this month include three companies providing hugely valuable data-linked resources to the cosmetics industry in the UK and beyond. With data analytics at the heart of much new product development, these companies employ specialised software to guide their clients towards designing and evaluating new products for the cosmetics and personal care markets. Please visit their websites and get in touch with them if you have a project or specific requirement.


Worldover is building an all-in-one compliance automation platform for cosmetics businesses by streamline the sharing of this data between all members of the value chain. The company is backed by Index Ventures, one of Europe’s top VC’s as well as Entrepreneur First, the UK’s leading accelerator.

Contact: CEO, Edward Alun-Jones Email:

Hexislab uses proprietary technology to facilitate the development of breakthrough products for the beauty, skincare, personal care, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceutical industries. With its ground-breaking proprietary AI discovery platform, HexisPro.X they can study biological processes and accurately predict the behaviour of chemicals and ingredients in biological systems.

Contact: +44 (0) 139 482 5487

Ayton Global Research specialises in testing and offers an array of research services, specialist advisors, and with its own proprietary software, ensures that companies meet regulatory requirements for claim substantiation, whilst also providing valuable insights into product and service performance. Contact: Susan AytonEmail:


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