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Raising Awareness of the National Biofilms Innovation Centre (NBIC)

NBIC is the central hub where academia, industry, government, and public policy come together to tackle the global challenges biofilms present, through a forward-thinking, collaborative and interdisciplinary approach.

Our mission is to establish a network of research and innovation capacity in order to catalyse partnerships with industry in the study of biofilms to achieve breakthrough innovations and impact – from industry products and solutions to services and spinouts. The four core partners are the University of Southampton, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Liverpool and the University of Nottingham. They have now been joined by an additional 31 universities and over 60 industry partners from the in the aim to prevent, detect, manage and engineer solutions in biofilms. There is a broad range of industries interested in biofilm research, including the oil and gas, marine, water processing, food, personal and oral care and healthcare.

To learn more about NBIC, please subscribe to the newsletter via the link below or contact Dr Katerina Steventon at


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