Brief notes from CCUK presentation at the Global Cosmetics Clusters webinar 28th May 2020

UK release of lockdown will mean retail, salons and hairdressers opening again over the next month or so. Beauty industry affected in similar ways to other countries. Industry successes in switch to hand gel manufacturing. Industry guidelines for salon businesses being developed. Online first marketing to boost In store sales as retail opens up. Virtual programmes instead of in person meetings reflect transitions to on line. CTPA offers great advice to the industry on line covering Covid-19 and an industry survey will inform government.


Finally Brexit....negotiations continue in the transition period. Unless the period of negotiation is extended, the U.K. will have a stand-alone regulatory system from 2021. CTPA has more information on Brexit.


The Future? We predict recovery back to the exciting and growing position as 3rd biggest market in Europe. Retailer brand outlets might shift in the future with some losses and some diversification. Beauty trends predicted for 2020 are still relevant post Covid...ageless beauty, microbiome, personalised, conscious consumer, GenZ ‘pre-juvination’, clean beauty; mental health and de-stressing; men’s beauty; sexual wellness. The future of beauty will also mean more authentic communication.

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