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Dr Gill Westgate

Gill works at the University of Bradford as Business Development Manager for the Centre for Skin Sciences, a major centre of excellence for skin and hair research. Her role is to develop sustainable partnerships between industry and academic research and to help translate science into business opportunities.

Her cosmetics and personal care industry experience was obtained at Unilever Research in the UK, where she led their scalp and hair biology research programme for many years, working in product development and claims substantiation for several international hair care brands.

Gill has a BSc Hons in Biochemistry from the University of Edinburgh and a PhD in hair research. She is a member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists and long-standing member of the European Hair Research Society. She serves on the organising committee for UK and international conferences and is well known in the skin and hair research field.

In her role as Chair of CCUK, Gill brings over 30 years experience in the sector, industry leadership skills, access to University experts, funding, facilities and mentoring. She is working with CCUK to improve higher education development for the sector to improve employability.  

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