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Industry Reports

This section of our website contains links to industry relevant reports that we hope you will find useful

Facts and Figures 

Reports with statistics on size and growth of the cosmetics sector in the UK

Published in 2024 by the CTPA, this manifesto sets out to raise the profile of the beauty and personal care industry with the UK government is a series of 'Key Asks' The report can be accessed here

Published in 2019 by the British Beauty Council, this report gives a broad summary of the economic impact of the beauty industry in the UK. The report can be accessed here

The CTPA publish an annual report containing lots of useful information. The report is freely available on line here and includes news and activities undertaken by the CTPA on behalf of the industry

CEW + Mintel

In this report, published in 2018, Cosmetics executive Women - UK and Mintel collaborated to provide an overview of the size and shape of the industry

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