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Education & Workforce Skills
Gill Westgate, Jane Evison and Rachael Davison-White

With this key area of focus, our goal is to safeguard and promote the skills required in the cosmetics and personal care industry, particularly in STEM areas.  


Is the industry in the UK being best served by education? How can we in the industry help raise awareness of the variety of career paths into the industry?

How should we promote the amazing science behind cosmetics and personal care products, such that future workers choose our industry from an early stage.


CCUK together with partners (SCS, CTPA, CEW, LCBT, Croda, CATCH, Estee Lauder) conducted a survey and report on the status of educational pathways into careers in the cosmetics industry.

A report was published in Personal Care Magazine in March 2023 and can be downloaded here.

Current activities focus on:

  • CCUK presence at careers fairs

  • Establishing training courses

  • Partnering with SCS at the Education Pavillion (Nov) and annual SCS conference (Sept)

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