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ChemUK 2024 - Event highlights and key takeaways for CCUK

Event Highlights

Diverse Exhibitor Line-Up: ChemUK 2024 featured over 500 exhibitors, representing various facets of the chemical industry. Several companies in the cosmetics supply chain attended, some already members of CCUK and others keen to join the Cluster after meeting us at the show.

Comprehensive Conference Program: CHEMUK style of ‘drop-in’ stages created a conference program that was packed with insightful sessions, featuring over 150 speakers from industry, academia, and regulatory bodies with an overall focus on sustainability. Many speakers, including in the CCUK hosted mini-conference, on life cycle analysis, emphasised the importance of sustainable practices and the transition towards a circular economy. Sessions on green chemistry, waste reduction, and renewable feedstocks were particularly well-attended, reflecting the industry’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint.

Innovation and Technology: Innovation was at the forefront of ChemUK 2024, with numerous exhibitors highlighting cutting-edge technologies that promise to revolutionise the chemical industry. From advanced materials to smart manufacturing solutions, the exhibition provided a glimpse into the future of chemicals. Noteworthy innovations included the use of artificial intelligence in chemical synthesis, automation in chemical plants, and novel catalysts that improve process efficiency and reduce waste.

Networking Opportunities: ChemUK 2024 provided ample networking opportunities for attendees and CCUK had over 65 businesses drop-in to our stand over the two days, ranging from novel technology start-ups to major waste management businesses. “We are delighted to have created many opportunities for new members to add diversity to CCUKs membership portfolio”, said Gill.

Key Takeaways for CCUK

Industry Collaboration: The event highlighted the importance of collaboration across the chemical industry. Cross-sector partnerships, collaborations with academic institutions, and engagement with regulatory bodies were seen as crucial for driving innovation and addressing common challenges.

Regulatory Landscape: Updates on regulatory changes, particularly concerning safety standards and environmental regulations, were a major focus. Speakers provided insights into navigating the complex regulatory environment and the implications of recent policy changes on the industry.

Digital Transformation: The role of digitalization in transforming the chemical industry was a recurring theme. From digital twins to predictive maintenance, the adoption of digital technologies is seen as key to improving efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing safety.

Workforce Development: Ensuring a skilled workforce was identified as a critical factor for the future of the chemical industry. Discussions centred around the need for continuous professional development, training programs, and initiatives to attract young talent to the sector.


ChemUK 2024 was a resounding success and once again, CCUK benefited hugely from participating in this event. In 2025, CHEMUK will introduce ‘The Formulated Product Manufacturer Show’ and Ian Stone talked through his vision for 2025,” CHEMUK is all about providing a single destination where all strands of the chemical industries converge through its individual show stream brands, and 2025 sees the introduction of a brand new ‘5th stream’ with the ‘Formulated Product Manufacturer’ show”. We look forward to exhibiting again in 2025 and to working on the CCUK hosted stage topics.

Save the date: CHEMUK 2025 - 21st - 22nd May 2025.


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