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Developing and Marketing Cosmetic Ingredients - Joint course with BCA

We are delighted to announce the second edition of our joint course with the British Chemicals Association (BCA) which will take place on 9th October at Cranage Hall Hotel in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire.

A diverse range of businesses, from small, research-led startups to large multinationals, are becoming interested in launching cosmetic ingredients. Maybe you have discovered something completely new or maybe you already market a material to other industries and you are now looking to expand your options?.

Consumers are also becoming more interested in the origins, credentials and scientific evidence supporting the range of ingredients used in beauty products, therefore developing ingredients from the outset which meet this demand is increasingly part of the product development process.

The course offers a full day of guidance on the regulatory, technical and ethical issues which should be considered before the introduction of a cosmetic ingredient onto the market. It distils practical and useful information with case studies and examples and has been updated following its introduction last year.

The following topics will be covered:

REGULATIONS - The course highlights applicable regulatory issues from both the chemical and cosmetic fields, and considers the potential conflict between them, and how these can be minimised.

APPROVALS - We will dive into the processes involved if your ingredient needs pre-authorisation and examine some case studies on successes and challenges involved in the process.

SAFETY -The requirements for safety assessments, and use of alternative testing methodology is examined.

CLAIMS - The course will examine the development and validation of cosmetic claims, and what this means for ingredient suppliers needing to communicate the benefits to the finished cosmetic developer, bringing this to life through some example scenarios.

SUSTAINABILITY AND ETHICS - Finally, the requirement for information on sustainability and ethical topics is examined, together with the labelling schemes used to support them.

The course will be particularly useful to the following groups:

  • Chemists and marketers new to industry wishing to expand their knowledge

  • Established chemical ingredient producers wishing to enter the cosmetic market for the first time (eg crossing over from food or pharma)

  • Chemical/ ingredient producers who wish to enter the cosmetic market, either as new suppliers, eg of upcycled food waste or other sources from the bioeconomy

  • Academics, students and researchers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Association representatives seeking more understanding/information of the cosmetic sector to assist businesses eg from the bioeconomy or industrial biology sector

  • Formulators interested in understanding how an ingredient is developed and marketed

BCA/CCUK members are offered priority booking, with attendance limited to 20 delegates to ensure that the course is interactive. Attendees will receive a hard copy of the course material.

This course is again presented by Amanda Isom and John Hibbs. Amanda has over 25 years’ experience in cosmetics and works both with companies who are looking to launch new cosmetic ingredients as well as finished product manufacturers looking to substantiate their product claims through ingredient data. John has 40 years’ experience in the chemical industry, covering technical, business, and commercial roles.

To register for the event, please click here.


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