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Focus on France 2024

France is the recognised leader for business and innovation in the global cosmetic industry and is one of the UK’s oldest and most successful trading partners.

Cosmetic Valley and Cosmetic 360

This year will be a busy year for our fellow Global Cosmetics Cluster member from France, Cosmetic Valley. Firstly they are celebrating 30 years as a cluster, which is a marvellous milestone and we offer them our congratulations. Here is a short video about them: 

Also they will celebrate 10 years of the Cosmetic 360 tradeshow on October 16 and 17 at the Carousel du Louvre in Paris, with a special ‘Innolympiade’ medal event, drawing its theme from the Olympic Games which will be happening in Paris during the summer. They will be featuring four categories of awards in a series of national pavilions,  where countries can enter companies or projects reflecting national expertise in: Know-how or culture, an education course or training project, a local based initiative and a research project born out of public research. Entrants will be able to participate in a medal ceremony and parade and be a judge. 

Currently we are looking at the possibility of CCUK hosting a national pavilion and selecting nominees for the 4 medal categories with the help of sponsorship to cover the participation costs.

Cosmetic Victories awards - prizes for academic research and industrial innovation

Academic prize

Do you have an innovative research and development project that could find an application in

the perfumery-cosmetics sector? This prize dedicated to research and academic projects is designed for you! Have your project recognized by the industry by participating in

The Cosmetic Victories international competition, which is organised by Cosmetic Valley.

Prize of €10,000 for the winner and €1,000 for the 2 other nominees


Topics can cover the entire value chain of the perfumery and cosmetics sector, such as:

Development of active, sensory, stabilizing, emollient molecules…

Formulation, encapsulation, vectorization...

Development of tests, measurement tools, understanding of mechanisms...

Understanding the role of the exposome, analysis of the impact

on Humans, the Environment...

Development of materials, eco-design, biodegradability...

Data analysis for prediction, use of artificial intelligence...

Work applicable to the factory, traceability, digital twins... 

The studies cover multiple disciplines such as: Biology, chemistry, Biochemistry, physics,

biotechnology, sociology, neuroscience, digital sciences, Artificial intelligence, etc.

Evaluation criteria:

Positioning of the research compared to the state of the art

Originality of the research 

Potential application in the sector 

Industrial innovation prize

Do you have an innovative research and development project that is already applied or could

find an application in the perfumery-cosmetics sector? The prize dedicated to industrial innovation is designed for you!

Prize of €10,000 for the winner and €1,000 for the 2 other nominees

Categories include:

Product development and evaluation

Study of emulsion stability, Characterization of action mechanisms, Measurement of

biological and sensory activity, Imaging, Vectorization, Optimization through formulation,

Study of the link between exposome and product application (microbiota, pollution, light...)


Biosourced developments

Use of new resources, Biotechnology, Eco-technology,

CO2 or methane sequestration...


Sustainable development

Eco-design, Recycling, Optimization of resource consumption (energy and water), Study of

societal impact, Well-being solutions, Work on mental health...


Industrial transformation

Mechatronics, Supply Chain, Robotics, Digital twins, Industrial technologies...


Measurement and monitoring of impact on Humans and; the Environment

Safety, Traceability, Conservation, Microbiology, Biodegradability, Ecotoxicity...



Recovery and use of data, Prediction tools, Virtual reality, Metaverse development, Artificial


These topics may involve the development of a new raw material, a new formula, a finished

product, a test, a new packaging, an innovative distribution solution, industrial equipment,


 Evaluation criteria:

Originality of the innovation

Market potential in the sector

Environmental impact of the solution

Submit your application before January 31, 2024 here! The Cosmetic Victories

Awards will be presented in a special ceremony prior to the in-cosmetics tradeshow in Paris, in April 2024.

UK Business Centre Lille – UK Roadshows in March and June update

Our partners from Nord France Invest have created a UK Business Centre in Lille (Northern France), with the local British Chamber of Commerce, and the backing of the UK Department for Business and Trade. Its aim is to support British companies eager to expand into EU markets by providing 1/ access to a wide network of service providers, very professional and English speaking (for tax, customs, recruitment, logistics…), and 2/ a partnership with a local coworking space company (Talent Garden Lille) giving companies 6-months free hotdesking near Lille Europe station (where Eurostars arrive from London in 1h15). All of this entirely free of charge. The UK Business Centre Lille will also help you tailor your business model for EU markets, whether through exports or investments.

The founders are organising UK roadshows, with private working sessions for maximum 10 people/session (entirely for free). The first one will happen on 12/13th March, in London, Milton Keynes and Coventry. There will be another roadshow in June, covering Birmingham, Manchester and likely Leeds/Sheffield. If you would like to sign up to take part in one of the sessions, feel free to send an e-mail at briefly describing your business and specifying which session you would like to attend.

If you would like further information on any of these items, please contact


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