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Future Talent - Working in Beauty & Science

In line with CCUK's Education and Workforce Skills Pillar we are proud to be supporting The British Beauty Council - Future Talent Programme.

On the 6th February CCUK Director Gill Westgate was invited to Number 10. Downing Street for the launch of The British Beauty Council - Future Talent Programme.

The first beauty-related career resource for secondary schools. The Future Talent Programme showcases self-expression in the industry as a route to building happy and successful careers whilst also ensuring a pipeline of new talent to UK beauty businesses.

Currently, 75% of STEM-based roles are occupied by men and only 33% of 10-13-year-olds aspire to develop a STEM career. Knowing this, the Future Talent Programme is dedicated to highlighting career pathways to young people, aged 11-18.

Starting with a series of films featuring content creators Jamie Genevieve, Plastic Boy and The Welsh Twins, the initial roll-out is designed to engage with young people where they are most active i.e., social media.

Watch & share the Future Talent films.

Spanning cosmetic science, fragrance, sustainability and technology, the highly anticipated Future Talent films are a key touchpoint for young people interested a career in beauty and STEM.


Sign up for STEM Ambassador Drop-ins!

The campaign is seeking to recruit dynamic individuals and brand representatives with job roles across STEM and business subjects to become ambassadors for the Future Talent Programme.

All it takes is one day a year to help young people choose the right career pathway and shape the future of the beauty industry.

Help us spread the word. React, post and share the content on your platforms. #FutureTalentInBeauty.


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