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Hull York Medical School Skin Research Centre Official Launch

CCUK was represented at the official launch of the Skin Research Centre of Hull York Medical School at the end of September by Dr Gill Westgate and Jane Evison. Dr Katerina Steventon, also a director of CCUK, is Business Development Manager for the centre.

The event was held in the historic York Guildhall, which is leased by the University and gave a wonderful setting to the launch, which included invited guests and partners from industry, academia and the NHS. The focus was very much on the public good achieved from translational research and this was highlighted during the day by speakers from the centre, which is a joint project between the Universities of Hull and York.

The centre's director, Professor Tarl Prow introduced the work of the centre, which is especially focussed on ‘global health equity’, therefore projects around skin disease and cancer are high priority, but work to further skin research in the cosmetics field is also undertaken and was featured with a talk from Pola, Japan. An introduction to the Pola, Orbis and Jurlique brands was given by Noriko Suenobu, Head of R&D, who also described studies in anti-aging products that have been worked on with HYMS, amongst other projects they are researching.

Professor Alison Layton, a consultant dermatologist and clinical lead for the centre, described her work supporting research programmes in wound healing, acne and inflammatory skin diseases.

A 'game-changing' micro-biopsy tool has been developed by Professor Tarl Prow and the York team, which means that minimally invasive skin biopsies can now be taken in studies for both cosmetic applications, as well as health studies. Valuable research into parasitic diseases such as Leishmania, one of the ‘forgotten ten’ neglected tropical diseases described by Professor Paul Kaye is enabled by this technology.

Representatives from industry also included Cutest, Croda and Innospec, as well as The No7 Beauty Company and Smink Laboratories, all of whom are linked with, or are members of CCUK.

Dr Steventon commented: ‘It is important to translate academic research for the benefit of cosmetics consumers. I am delighted to be able to facilitate these relationships, in particular engage with CCUK and work along the entire value chain, partnering business and academia.'


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