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CCUK and NBIC - a successful partnership

In a recent case study commissioned by NBIC, Gill Westgate reflects on the success of working together on a number of initiatives. An excerpt is below and the link to the full report can be found at the end.

The Covid-19 pandemic meant having virtual meetings, which facilitated great attendance from across the UK, and beyond. In total, the two joint events, were attended by 180 delegates. Dr Gill Westgate, CCUK co-founder and Director said, “CCUK’s mission is to be a ‘network of networks’ and our collaboration with NBIC over the last year has certainly helped us achieve this.”

Outcomes include an increase in personal care, cosmetic and skin health-related applications to NBIC’s Proof of Concept grants and the creation of new partnerships between industry and academia. Dr Westgate said, “The commitment of UKRI to biofilms research through funding NBIC is hugely important as a driver of innovation, as well as to the development of new links between industry and academic research. CCUK is delighted to have been part of this journey”.

NBIC and CCUK will continue to work together on joint webinars and activities associated with biofilms in personal care. The next, is a webinar planned for the autumn 2021, which will focus on in vitro skin models in personal care.


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