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CCUK and NBIC partner to attract SME's into oral care innovation

What will be the next big breakthrough in oral care? Do you want to be part of it? CCUK is appealing for companies to come forward as part of our joint project with the National Biofilms Centre (NBIC) to help further research in the area of the oral microbiome space. Jointly on behalf of both organisations, we would like to invite companies to connect with us for a dialogue about innovation in this space. The next proof of funding call will be run in Autumn 2020 or early 2021.

CCUK Director, Dr Gill Westgate commented:

“Innovation in the oral care sector has been fairly incremental, the industry would appear to be waiting for the next big breakthrough after fluoride that is relevant for consumer healthcare. The regulatory route is a barrier to commercialisation, the US position of having a monograph adds to the complexity; and it is toothbrush technology that has probably outstripped toothpaste innovation. Opportunities would seem to lie with a more focused approach to target specific consumer groups’ needs”.


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