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CCUK New Directors 2024

CCUK is delighted to welcome three new Directors to the CCUK board. Each of them brings experience and enthusiasm into our team from different backgrounds in the industry. Olivia will focus on the Networking & International clusters pillar; David on R&I and Sustainability and Rachael on Education & Skills. They are already getting involved with their new roles, having been active members, all helping us to make CCUK even more successful for 2024 and in the future.


Olivia Santoni

Founder, Bloom Regulatory Ltd

Olivia has an extensive knowledge of the cosmetics industry globally and over 20 years

of practical experience. She is a well known expert within the cosmetics industry and is

passionate about how innovative and fast moving the sector is nowadays.

She studied business law and healthcare product law before specialising in regulatory affairs.

She started her regulatory career working as a medical device regulatory inspector at the French Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament et des Produits de Santé (ANSM). She then worked at the international department of the French cosmetics trade association (FEBEA)

before moving to the UK and joining the UK Cosmetics Toiletry and Perfumery Association


Over the years, Olivia managed a regulatory and international team to deliver support and advice to companies as well as advocate for the interest of the UK and EU industry. She has led the UK Association’s work on Brexit and international regulatory affairs and has been an active participant at Cosmetics Europe groups on both regulatory and international issues.

In 2019, Olivia founded Bloom Regulatory Ltd to provide pragmatic and expert regulatory and strategic support to cosmetics companies in a world where business opportunities are growing but legislations are increasing and getting more and more complex. Bloom Regulatory now

employs 8 regulatory experts and is in constant development. The consultancy has been providing services to over 150 brands from multinational to start up and has been an active member of CCUK for over 2 years. 

Olivia will be joining the CCUK board of directors to share her entrepreneurial and international skills. She is thrilled to be part of this journey and is looking forward to helping and supporting CCUK and its members in 2024 and beyond. 


Dr David Greenhalgh

Director and Principal Innovation Consultant, IOCIS Consulting

David is an expert in innovation management and a champion of collaborative innovation.

With over two decades of successful experience in the field for powerhouses like Johnson &

Johnson, he has been at the forefront of commercialising cutting-edge innovations. David

now leads an innovation consultancy that excels in all aspects of innovation management,

including strategy development, ideation, project selection, and product development.

David also regularly helps organisations with science and technology scouting, open

innovation, and developing innovation ecosystems.

“My passion is utilising open innovation to solve our biggest challenges. Collaborative

innovation can solve the complex challenges we face while greatly benefitting all those

involved”. David’s passion for open innovation was fired after leading the personal care

programme (PCP) in the Yorkshire and Humber region, the forerunner to Cosmetics Cluster

UK, from its inception to its handover to Yorkshire Chemical Focus. “The PCP showed the

value of clusters in increasing the competitiveness of its members while benefiting society. I

look forward to contributing to the success and growth of CCUK and its members”. A major

drive and focus for David is sustainable innovation in the health and wellbeing sectors, in

particular, cosmetics & personal care.

David is a licensed practitioner with Innovation 360 and is just completing his Black Belt in

Innovation Management. He has a degree in chemistry and a PhD in pharmaceutical

formulation science.


Rachael Davison-White

Technical Director Personal Care EMEA, Barentz

Now with 10 years’ experience in the personal care industry, Rachael started her career during

her time at the University of Manchester, where she completed a year in industry at Solvay as a

process chemist, producing betaines for personal care.

Following her Master’s in Chemistry, Rachael worked for a private label cosmetic manufacturer. Here, she worked with cutting edge formulators, solving technical issues and working to translate lab scale into production, gaining an in-depth knowledge of formulation, ingredients and production environments. 

Rachael has also been involved in outreach STEM activities, promoting not only women in science, but also British manufacturing, to school leavers. Since 2019, and now a chartered scientist, Rachael has been heading up the personal care applications lab and all its associated functions at Barentz, including prototype formulation and regulatory compliance with a focus towards a green and sustainable future.


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