Cosmetics Cluster UK Ltd is a 'network of networks', facilitating collaboration and acting as a vital point of contact for the cosmetics and personbal care products sector in the UK. Click below if interested to join us as a member.

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We have four areas of focus - Education and Workforce Skills, Research and Innovation, Sustainability, Networks and Global Clusters

Our mission is to connect companies in the cosmetics industry to support best practice, collaborations and solve challenges together.


Networking & International Clusters

CCUK has linked many people in companies in the sector through events, newsletters and a growing network of experts.


The need to be connected is more important than ever as the landscape is shifting due to Brexit and now Covid-19.

CCUK is the only Cosmetic Cluster in the UK and is a member of an increasingly strong network of Global Cosmetic Clusters.

We help the industry in the UK to become more connected with events, international trade, publishing and access to experts in science, innovation and business growth.

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Education & Workforce Skills

With this key area of focus, our goal is to safeguard and promote the skills required in the cosmetics and personal care industry, particularly in STEM areas.  


Is the industry in the UK being best served by education? How can we in the industry help raise awareness of the variety of career paths into the industry?

How should we promote the amazing science behind cosmetics and personal care products, such that future workers choose our industry from an early stage.


Currently a project is underway to prepare a white paper with other industry groups on the education and skills needed for cosmetic science careers. CCUK is also keen to create connections between industry and education.

Green Leaves


The cosmetics and personal care industry is making major initiatives giving consideration to the environmental impact of its products and their use by consumers.


This includes responsible manufacturing, distribution, recycling and reduction of waste.  

How do we meet increasing consumer demands for ethics, sustainability and traceability of ingredients? 


The sustainability of ingredients, products and packaging should be high on your agenda. 

CCUK will bring together experts in sustainability through our events and access to global online webinars and articles

Research & Innovation

The cosmetics and personal care industry is very innovative, dynamic, creative and highly reliant on science and technology. 


The fast pace of our industry means that we need to keep on top of new trends, think of new ideas all whilst keeping an eye on new smart technology applications.


The way we buy and sell our products is also moving more and more to e-commerce and online retail, whilst stores are rethinking what consumers expect from in-store experience.

With strong links to University science and internationalisation, CCUK can help companies innovate here in the UK and globally.

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