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We have four areas of focus - Workforce Skills, Innovation, Sustainability, Regulation , Testing & Claims

Each group is led by industry and aims to provide an informed support network for members

Our mission is to connect companies in the cosmetics industry to support best practice, collaborations and solve challenges together.

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Workforce Skills

With this initiative, our goal is to safe guard and promote the skills required in the cosmetics and personal care industry.  Is the industry in the UK being best served by science education? How can we in the industry help raise awareness of the amazing science behind cosmetics and personal care products such that future workers choose our industry from an early stage?


The Cosmetics & Personal Care industry is a very innovative, dynamic, creative and highly reliant on science and technology.  The fast pace of our industry means that we need to keep on top of new trends, think of new ideas all whist keeping an eye on new smart technology applications. Retail is also changing the way we buy and sell our products.


Beauty and the environment. How do we meet increasing consumer demands for ethics, sustainability and traceability of ingredients?

The sustainability of our ingredients, products and packaging should be high on your agenda.  From microbeads and fragments to plastic packaging and glitter.

Regulation & Testing

With new innovation comes stringent testing to ensure product safety and to support marketing claims.  

Following and keeping up to date with regulatory changes and challenges can be difficult, especially if you trade in different countries.

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