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Our Mission

Cosmetics Cluster UK Ltd is a 'network of networks', facilitating collaboration and acting as a vital point of contact for the cosmetics and personal care products sector in the UK.

Our mission every day is to connect companies  in the cosmetics industry to support best practice, collaborations and solve challenges together.


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The Wall of Ideas
Our Activities
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We connect with members and followers through regular newsletters, online and in person events and through links to sector-wide activities.

We work across four themes to serve our members and together we highlight the importance of the cosmetics and beauty sector to the UK economy.


Networking & International Clusters

CCUK has linked many people in companies in the sector through events, newsletters and a growing network of experts.


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Education & Workforce Skills

With this key area of focus, our goal is to safeguard and promote the skills required in the cosmetics and personal care industry, particularly in STEM areas.  




The cosmetics and personal care industry is making major initiatives giving consideration to the environmental impact of its products and their use by consumers.



Research & Innovation

The cosmetics and personal care industry is very innovative, dynamic, creative and highly reliant on science and technology.