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Our Mission

Cosmetics Cluster UK Ltd (CCUK) is the first cosmetics cluster in the UK. We are a 'network of networks', facilitating collaboration and partnerships between companies, individuals and organisations and signposting to help and resources. 


Our mission is to be the bridge that connects companies along the whole value chain in the cosmetics industry, from research to raw materials to retail, to support best practices, collaborations and solve industry challenges together.


Jump to the About Us page to meet the team and learn how we started the UK's first Cosmetics Cluster.

Click Here if you are interested in joining us as a member.

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Our Activities
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We connect with members and followers through regular newsletters, online and in person events and through links to sector-wide activities.

CCUK has four key pillars of focus: Networks & International Clusters, Education & Skills, Sustainability and Research & Innovation. CCUK is a founder member and board member of the Global Cosmetics Cluster (GCC).

We work across these four themes to serve our members and together we highlight the importance of the cosmetics and beauty sector to the UK economy.

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