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Spotlight on China - 24th Nov - Recording available

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

The recording is available via the zoom link below and the slides will be shared upon request.

Passcode: R7q.8MZc

China is a fast-moving, trend intensive cosmetic environment, according to Felicia Schwartz of China Insight Ltd. Although Westerners are equally familiar with influencers, social media and live streaming, research shows that these channels of influence are respectively twice to 3 times more likely

to shape consumers purchasing choices in China.

Some of this has to do with China's group culture, which makes herd mentality more prevalent, some with its stage of development and consumer maturity where more consumers feel need for guidance and some with the intense competitive environment where looks are considered an asset and despite some relaxation amongst younger generations, strict beauty standards still prevail across the mainstream.

Last month our 'Spotlight on China' webinar focussed on the business opportunities in China with information on the regulatory environment, safety assessment, product efficacy and compliance, consumer trends and support available from the Department for International Trade (DIT) chemicals specialist team in China.

This information packed webinar began with two presentations from Vicki Jia and Ivy Sun of Enter-co on the product efficacy and compliance and safety aspect of product formulations. Ivy then paired up later on with Dr Mojgan Moddaresi of Personal Care Regulatory Ltd to compare the UK/EU and Chinese safety assessment principles and practices.

Chunna Jiang from DIT China introduced the activities of the office in Beijing to support the UK export business over in the Chinese market, which although being restricted by the current Covid lockdowns, is still able to operate in local areas successfully. Felicia Schwarz of China Insights Ltd gave a review of the latest consumer trends in the Chinese market where beauty influencers play an important role. Top trends are efficient skin care, beauty food and gender neutral.


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