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Travels to Canada

On September 28 CCUK held a joint webinar with the Canadian Cosmetics Cluster, fellow members of the Global Cosmetics Cluster group. Founder and CEO, Margarita Sidarova took us on a fascinating journey through ‘the Canadian cosmetics market from coast to coast’, highlighting the geographical areas and their differences/preferences. Click here for the full story.

Here are the takeaway messages from Margarita’s presentation:

  • Get to Know Your Canadian Market from Coast to Coast. There are many opportunities as long as you know what areas to target your products to.

  • Canada is not the USA and needs to be treated as its own separate English/French-speaking country.

  • Canada has strong retail opportunities, especially in professional haircare and skincare.

  • Canada is a great place to do manufacturing or to set up as a hub for North America. Canada has great logistics and a fantastic exchange rate.

The Canadian Acceleration Program (run by the Canadian Cosmetics Cluster) can help provide additional support for companies looking for direct market access with a program that will analyse your products as well as the company's business strategies and provide a direct market action plan.


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