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Rachael Davison-White

Now with 10 years’ experience in the personal care industry, Rachael started her career during her time at the University of Manchester, where she completed a year in industry at Solvay as a process chemist, producing betaines for personal care.

Following her Master’s in Chemistry, Rachael worked for a private label cosmetic manufacturer. Here, she worked with cutting edge formulators, solving technical issues and working to translate lab scale into production, gaining an in-depth knowledge of formulation, ingredients and production environments. 


Rachael has also been involved in outreach STEM activities, promoting not only women in science, but also British manufacturing, to school leavers. Since 2019, and now a chartered scientist, Rachael has been heading up the personal care applications lab and all its associated functions at Barentz, including prototype formulation and regulatory compliance with a focus towards a green and sustainable future.

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