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David Greenhalgh

David is an expert in innovation management and a champion of collaborative innovation. With over two decades of successful experience in the field for powerhouses like Johnson & Johnson, he has been at the forefront of commercialising cutting-edge innovations. David now leads an innovation consultancy that excels in all aspects of innovation management, including strategy development, ideation, project selection, and product development. David also regularly helps organisations with science and technology scouting, open innovation, and developing innovation ecosystems.

“My passion is utilising open innovation to solve our biggest challenges. Collaborative innovation can solve the complex challenges we face while greatly benefitting all those involved”. David’s passion for open innovation was fired after leading the personal care programme (PCP) in the Yorkshire and Humber region, the forerunner to Cosmetics Cluster UK, from its inception to its handover to Yorkshire Chemical Focus. “The PCP showed the value of clusters in increasing the competitiveness of its members while benefiting society. I look forward to contributing to the success and growth of CCUK and its members”. A major drive and focus for David is sustainable innovation in the health and wellbeing sectors, in particular, cosmetics & personal care.

David is a licensed practitioner with Innovation 360 and is just completing his Black Belt in Innovation Management. He has a degree in chemistry and a PhD in pharmaceutical formulation science.

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