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The Cosmetics Cluster UK is hosted by CATCH, the training and membership association for the process industries. 

We provide our members with excellent networking opportunities within the personal care and cosmetics sector.

The cluster is an open platform that enables collaborations, skills development, partnerships and business growth.

We are a network that welcomes engagement with other industry associations to provide our members with the most relevant business opportunities and best guidance possible. 

Benefits include:

Access to new ideas and innovative projects though our networks

Access to Global Cosmetics Cluster 

Regular focus group meetings

Access to University experts and facilities

Support for start-up businesses

Regulatory support available

Free directory listing

Work with like minded companies

Form collaborative projects


Your Company Showcased

Share your achievements

Raise your company profile

Grow your customer base

Increase your contacts

To join us please complete the form below, we will review your application and confirm your company membership within three working days

Membership runs from 1st April for 12 months, join anytime and pay a pro-rated fee.


Per company & covers all department and people.

                                                                         Turnover                      Membership cost

                                                                       Up to 100K                               £725

                                                                       Up to 1M                                    £1200

                                                                       Up to 2.5M                               £1800

                                                                       Up to 5M                                   £2200

                                                                       Over  10M                                  £3000


                                                                       Single Consultant                  £125

                                                                       University departments     £605
                                                                       Start ups *                                 £302

                                                                      (*Less than 100K & Under two years old)

Sponsor Members £5000

**2019 New Member offer please contact Lisa for details**

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