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Oraldent join CCUK

Oraldent Ltd (Kimbolton, UK ) is a company with patents and products based on the use of a Bioflavonoid Complex (Citrox®) for oral care, eyecare,  wound care , and product preservation. This Bioflavonoid complex and various formulations have been tested against EN standards to be shown effective against bacteria and viruses including human coronavirus.  The Bioflavonoid complex has also been shown as very effective at breaking down biofilms in different environments.

The Bioflavonoid complex (Citrox) is plant based and is totally non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-allergenic and non-corrosive. The product also contains no quaternary ammonium compounds, no chlorine or any other environmentally problematic ingredients. All the ingredients in Citrox are GRAS approved and food safe and Citrox can even be used as a drink to help improve gut health.

Oraldent are looking for potential research partners to do further work looking at the benefits of its formulations. Please contact Richard Thomas, Managing Director at


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