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Cosmetics Cluster UK joins the Cosmetics Cluster International Network

In Paris, 25 international clusters representing innovation in cosmetics gathered for the annual meeting of Cosmetics Cluster – The International network. (CCIN) Here the Cosmetics Cluster UK became one of the latest members to join the group.

CCIN was founded by 18 cosmetics clusters worldwide, with the aim of sharing good practice and to work on common projects. The network of clusters was launched in 2016 and holds a general meeting at the Cosmetics Valley 360 fair in Paris.

Lisa Buck, Manager of the Cosmetics Cluster UK, said “We are really pleased to be able to join the Cosmetics International Network, it cements our strategy of becoming a network of networks and providing our members with a wide range of benefits, throughout the whole industry”

“We are looking forward to working with our counterparts throughout the world to bring new contacts, markets and fresh ideas through for our members”.

Gill Westgate, Co-founder and chair, followed, “We are at a crucial stage in the future of our cluster, membership is growing, and we are busy planning how best to support our members, especially with the current political climate here in the UK. Building International relationships, especially with Europe is fundamental and we look forward to working with the CCIN and our fellow cluster members”.

The Cosmetics Cluster UK was founded in 2016 and supported by CATCH, a training and membership organisation for the renewable and process industries. Further information can be found at

The Cosmetics Cluster International network report can be found here.


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